You can go farther

Seek new horizons.

Once upon a time, we believed the world was flat – that beyond a certain point, there would be nowhere to go. And though we now know the world is round, we still fear falling off imaginary edges, too often thinking there’s only so far we can stretch, so hard we can push. The most dangerous limits are those in our own head. When you feel you’re at your edge, look again. You can go farther.

— from Self Magazine, February 2012


About Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann
Global corporate communication, business, and organization behavior executive; author. My blog, DesigningCommunication, offers inspiration, insight, and tips for all professionals who want to express themselves effectively, and lead with integrity.

One Response to You can go farther

  1. Jerry Carducci says:

    How true. More often than not, we are our own worst enemy and barrier to personal and professional growth. It’s like not being able to see the forest for the trees.

    In my view, professional growth is a by-product of personal growth. That means one has to first take a hard and objective look at him/herself at a personal level and breakdown (and change) habits, attitudes and thought processes that prevent us from moving forward. Meaningful change is hard – it’s supposed to be – if it wasn’t, everyone would embrace it.

    Thanks for more great food for thought Jaya.


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