Celebrating 100 Years of Cherry Blossoms in Washington

As the nation of Japan somberly contemplates where they stand one year from the tsunami and earthquake last March, this great country and the US celebrate their longstanding friendship and cultural history. Our thoughts turn to spring this week as the weather heats up fast on the east coast – those lovely cherry blossom trees are budding and poised to bloom within days. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is all set to celebrate the gift of trees to the US made in 1912 – with nearly six weeks of cultural, educational and fun activities all over the nation’s capitol – March 20-April 27.

Check the list of activities online and in a Washington Post special supplement.


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One Response to Celebrating 100 Years of Cherry Blossoms in Washington

  1. Jerry Carducci says:

    For 15 years travel extensively to DC and took the opportunity to take in some of the Cherry Blossom Festival on several occassions. Unquestionably the best time of the year in DC and an experience that all should have at least once in their lifetime.


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