The Bold and the Beautiful – Helen Gurley Brown as communication pioneer

Helen Gurley Brown with Cosmopolitan magazine, from The Washington Post, August 14, 2012

She was one of “us,” as a journalist, advertising copywriter and executive, publisher, innovator, at a time when women’s voices in business were not encouraged (to say the least).  She made her unique mark on all these professions.  Last week, following news of her death at the age of 90, public comments vary as to whether her contributions as a woman were good or bad for women. No matter where you land on that regard, it’s clear to me that she was authentically herself and found powerful platforms for her voice.  Since these remain challenges for many, many women in leadership positions today, and for those trying to move up, I applaud Ms. HGB for being  unabashedly “cosmopolitan,” and for breaking through some layers of the glass ceiling.  We all benefit and like her, we can be bold as well as beautiful, and yes, we can have it all, however we define it.

Read more in The Washington Post –


About Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann
Global corporate communication, business, and organization behavior executive; author. My blog, DesigningCommunication, offers inspiration, insight, and tips for all professionals who want to express themselves effectively, and lead with integrity.

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